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    A large and comprehensive stock is maintained in Antwerp (BE), Dubai (UAE), Houston (USA) & Shanghai (CN) covering all standard loose, fixed lashing and lifting materials.

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Container Technics NV is an Antwerp based company specialised in marine lashing and lifting materials. We stock various designs of lifting lugs for containers, flatracks, and hatchcovers. These lifting lugs are Marine Class Batch approved. They make a perfect rotation between different components possible hence are quickly and simply operated. Supply can be provided directly to the vessel at any preferred port or destination in the world.

MK-2 Top lifting lug

MK-2 Top lifting lug

The CONTECH® Top lifting lug MK-2 is a top lifting lug that fits in a standard ISO hole. It is only intended for vertical lifting.

MK-5 Bottom lifting lug

MK-5 Bottom lifting lug

The CONTECH® MK-5 bottom lifting lug or lifting container hook can be inserted in the bottom cornercasting of a 20ft or 40ft container. Each lug is equipped with a securing device.

MK-4/20-40 Hatchcover lifting lug

MK-4/20-40 Hatchcover lifting lug

The CONTECH® MK-4/20-40 Hatchcover lifting lug has a lifting capacity of 16,5t and is DNV-GL approved. The lugs are intended for an ISO-holes position in a standard 20ft and 40ft configuration.

MK-4D Transversal Hatchcover lifting lug

MK-4D Transversal Hatchcover lifting lug

The CONTECH® MK-4D Hatchcover lifting lug is designed for special cases were the ISO hole position is different from a standard configuration. The lug has a capacity of 21t and available with DNV-GL certificate.


What is the delivery date?

Always available from stock.

To where can it be shipped?

It can be shipped worldwide.

How many types of Twistlocks are there?

There are about 20 types of Twistlocks.

How double end Twistlocks work for shipping containers?

Twistlocks are used to connect containers together in their stack.

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