Cargo Bins and Flat Rack Containers for Container Lashing Materials

At Container Technics, we offer a range of cargo bins and flat racks that are specifically designed to transport container lashing materials such as Twistlock, (of the type manual T-1, semi-automatic T-5, or Mid-cones SI-6C). Our cargo bins are made to carry these and other similar materials and have a capacity of 2 tons.

Our flat racks are specialised low-profile open containers that are 1/3 the height of standard 8'containers. They are used exclusively to transport the cargo bins filled with the container lashing materials required for securing containers during shipping.

Our flat racks are stored on the ship deck and are carried to various dock locations to discharge the bins. So that the stevedores can easily use the lashing materials inside them to lash the to be loaded containers by inserting the twistlocks into the bottom container corner castings before loading on board.

Trust us to provide the safe and secure transportation of your container lashing materials with our specialised Flat racks to shorten the time necessary for the loading operations.