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Container Technics NV is an Antwerp based company specialised in marine lashing and lifting materials. We stock 20ft and 40ft container spreaders with a complete set of lifting wires and a Marine Class Batch certificate. The main advantage of Container Technics' (CONTECH) spreaders is that it combines the weight of a manual spreader with the conveniences of an automatic spreader. It can be operated by the crane operator, simply by moving the crane hook up and down. The reliable design of its mechanism makes it durable, secure and easy to operate. Supply can be provided directly to the vessel at any preferred port or destination in the world.



MK-10/25 10' Container lifting spreader

The CONTECH® 10ft semi-automatic container spreader with a capacity of SWL 25t will be delivered with wires and is ready for use. The spreader has standard a marine class certificate. With the 3 guiding plates the operator can easily connect the spreader to the container.

MK-20/50 20' Container / Hatchcover lifting spreader

The CONTECH® MK-20/50 is our classic semi-automatic container spreader, standard available in the SWL 50t this spreader carry the marine class RINA batch test certificate and LRS certificate for the lifting wires.

MK-20/33 20' Container lifting spreader

The CONTECH® semi-automatic lifting container spreader is available with capacities of 25t, 33t, 50t and 60t. The 33t and 50t version is mostly on stock in our warehouse. All the versions are standard delivered with marine class certificate.

Several options can be added to the standard spreader e.g. forklift pockets, lifting eyes, spreaders extension (MK-8) or a spreader beam (ML-42/46/22).

MK-40/42 40' Container lifting spreader

The CONTECH® MK-40/42 is our classic semi-automatic 40' container spreader, standard available in the SWL 42t it is also available with forklift pockets to move the spreader only on the quai.

This spreader carry the marine class RINA batch test certificate and LRS certificate for the lifting wires.



  1. Reliable

    • Container Technics NV has been a preferred partner for the maritime business for over 40 years.
  2. Quality

    • As quality is a strong focus for us, we only collaborate with leading Marine Class Societies and suppliers.
  3. Competitive

    • Directly supplied from our own factories, we succeed to offer competitive rates without supplementary margins from traders or agents.

  4. Engineering

    • In close collaboration, your desired design of fixed or loose materials can be engineered, manufactured and delivered on short notice.

  5. Technical Backup

    • Due to our longtime experience and in-house technical knowledge we can assist you in finding the correct product for your needs, make sure you receive the right certification for your project and even prepare the required plans and documentation for complete newbuilding projects.
  6. Strategic Stock

    • A large and comprehensive stock is maintained in Antwerp (BE), Dubai (UAE), Houston (USA) & Shanghai (CN) covering all standard loose, fixed lashing and lifting materials.
  7. Partnership

    • We support you at all times: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – telephone-number +32.3.546.41.00.

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