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The energy transition towards a more sustainable energy production sparks the installation of giant wind turbines onshore and offshore. Leading manufacturers like Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Goldwind, and General Electric are not only increasing their volumes but also changing the size of the components like their blades. This leads to more and more challenges for shipping companies transporting windturbine components. Leading manufacturers and shipping companies have used the product double twistlock T-12 and it has undoubtedly proved its value in the last years.

Windmill securing components

What makes it so challenging?

A complete windmill is made out of 3 main components with all different properties:

  • The nacelle is small and heavy 
  • The blades are long and light
  • The tower is made out of heavy and long sections. 

All of them require different handling and securing materials and procedures. The materials to be used range from lashing chains, D-rings, twistlocks, webbings,.. to lollipop fenders and offshore handling sticks for safe handling.

Container Technics windmill securing

What needs to be taken into account when securing wind turbine blades?

Every producer has its own procedures and requirements but of course, some general principles are to be taken into account.  

  1. The securing should be in line with the valid IMO regulations for cargo stowage and securing – the CSS code.
  2. The safety of workers and cargo should be prioritized
  3. The sensitive nature of the high-value cargo, with blades costing over 170 000 USD, should be taken into account. Damage to a windmill blade will not only result in a cost of the blade but also risk delaying the installation project.
Efficient windmill transport

Features of the double twistlock T-12

The double twistlock T-12 is available in different sizes and proved its value already during different shipments of windmill components by leading manufacturers and shipping companies. 

Last years, hundreds of windmill components were secured on vessels by Contech lashing materials including the T-12, double twistlock, lashing chains, webbings, bridge fittings, etc. The operation, maintenance, and other details of the double twistlock T-12 can be read in this blog.

Windmill transport cost

What is T-12 all about?

Our double twistlock T-12 will increase the operational efficiency of the lashing crew and will make it possible to ship more blades at once. 

Increased efficiency and safety at neglectable additional costs, that’s what our T-12 double twist lock is about.


What is the delivery date?

Always available from stock.

To where can it be shipped?

It can be shipped worldwide.

How many types of Twistlocks are there?

There are about 20 types of Twistlocks.

How double end Twistlocks work for shipping containers?

Twistlocks are used to connect containers together in their stack.

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