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Semi-automatic twistlock T-5


Semi automatic Twistlock: T-5



The semi automatic twistlock is used between 2 containers for connection and securing.


Step 1: Pull the orange handle knob to it’s maximum outwards & upwards.Top cone is open and handle can be secured in mouth piece.Wire handle is facing upwards when secured as indicated on the right Figure. (pictures1&2)


Step 2: Insert yellow top cone into lower corner casting of the upper container and release handle of mouth piece. Top cone will lock automatically by spring action when releasing the handle. (picture3)


Step 3: Upper container can be lowered, lower cone of the semi automatic twistlock will twist and align with body by the pressure of the upper container. Lower cone is pushed into upper corner casting of lower container. (Pictures4&5)



Step 4: Upper container is connected to lower container, lower cone of the semi automatic twistlock will lock itself by spring action. Upper container is now fully connected and secured to lower container. (picture6)








It’s recommended to inspect and clean the twistlock on a regular basis, this includes greasing the movable parts and checking the function of  the mechanism and spring action.

Twistlocks with damaged cones of bodies are to be scrapped. Other damaged elements (Wire handle, bolts,..) can be replaced as described in the repair instruction.



By removing the bolts and nuts, the body halves can be separated. Cone assembly, spring and wire handle can be removed.

For repair or maintenance of the semi automatic twistlock we can provide a service jig.


Spare parts & service jig:

  • T-5/01 Wire handle                                                 T-5/02 Right body part
  • T-5/03 Mouth piece                                                 T-5/04 Left body part
  • T-5/05 Spring                                                          T-5/06 Mid cone + spring
  • Bolt M10x40mm                                                      M10 nut
  • Z-11 Service jig for T-5

Z-11 service jig